Wyndham City Wards

There are three Council wards in the City of Wyndham. These are Harrison, Chaffey and Iramoo. A recent boundary change means that the part of Hoppers Crossing that used to be part of the Harrison Ward in 2016 is now part of the Chaffey Ward. This is the area between Morris Road to the east, Sayers Road to the north, Derrimut Road to the west, and Hogans road to the south. 

All data in this profile is from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006, 2011 or 2016, Census of Population and Housing except for 2020 population data, which is from forecast.id.com.au/wyndham.

Wards in 2020

The Harrison Ward is situated in the east of Wyndham. It is home to a highly diverse population, as well as a large number of businesses, particularly those in the industrial sector.

  • The Harrison Ward includes industrial precincts in Laverton, Laverton North, and Truganina, as well as residential areas in Point Cook, Truganina, Williams Landing and some parts of Hoppers Crossing.
  • The population is 119,481 - 41.5% of the Wyndham population.
  • In 2041 the population is forecast to reach 155,892 - a 30.5% increase. 

The Harrison Ward is Wyndham’s most culturally diverse ward.

  • Less than half those living in Harrison Ward were born in Australia.
  • India, China, New Zealand, the Philippines and England were the most common countries of birth outside Australia, similar to the cultural profile Wyndham wide.
  • Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language other than English amongst Harrison ward residents, followed by Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic and Urdu.

The Chaffey Ward is situated in the centre of the Wyndham municipality and includes the suburb of Tarneit, and parts of Werribee and Hoppers Crossing. Similar to all other areas of Wyndham, the population residing in the Chaffey Ward is forecast to increase considerably over the next 20 years.

  • The Chaffey Ward population in 2020 is forecast to be 95,485 residents (33.1% of the Wyndham population).
  • By 2041 the Chaffey ward is forecast to be home to 176,942 residents - an 85.3% increase.
  • Just over half the Chaffey population were born in Australia.
  • India, New Zealand, the Philippines, England and Myanmar were the top 5 most common countries of birth outside Australia.
  • Punjabi is the most commonly spoken language other than English in the Chaffey ward. Hindi, Arabic, Urdu and Gujarati (Indian origins) make up the top 5.

Wyndham City’s Iramoo Ward includes the suburbs of Werribee, Werribee South, Cocoroc, Little River, Mambourin, Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale, Quandong and Eynesbury (part). It is the largest ward in Wyndham by land size.

  • The Iramoo Ward is home to just over a quarter of the Wyndham population (25.4%). In terms of population size, it is the smallest ward, with a population of 73,245 people in 2020.
  • By 2041 Iramoo is expected to be the biggest ward, with 179,754 residents.
  • Almost two thirds of residents in the Iramoo ward were born in Australia (64%).
  • The top 5 most common countries of birth outside Australia included India, England, New Zealand, the Philippines and Italy.
  • Amongst residents in the Iramoo Ward, Italian was the most common language spoken at home other than English, followed by Karen, Punjabi, Hindi and Mandarin.